Welcome 2018

After the good feedback received, we are happy to announce the third edition of the BSides Zurich Conference on 22nd September 2018. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter (@BSidesZurich, #BSidesZH) for news and updates.

Keynote Speaker

Vincenzo Iozzo (@_snagg) Vincenzo is a Senior Director at CrowdStrike Inc. Prior to this, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of IperLane, Inc. In addition, Vincenzo is an Associate Researcher at the MIT Media Lab. Vincenzo is a Network Leader for Village Global, a seed stage VC fund based in Silicon Valley. He serves as a committee member on the Black Hat Conference board and is a co-author of the “iOS Hacker’s Handbook” (Wiley, 2012). Vincenzo also co-authored the winning attacks against Firefox, iOS and BlackberryOS at Pwn2Own from 2010 to 2012.

Keynote Slides