Welcome 2019

After the good feedback received, we are happy to announce the fourth edition of the BSides Zurich Conference on 14th September 2019. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter (@BSidesZurich, #BSidesZH) for news and updates.

Keynote Speaker

Nex (Claudio Guarnieri, @botherder) is a security researcher and a free software developer. He researches the use of technology as a mean for repression, and provides assistance to human rights organizations, journalists, and activists with issues of computer security, privacy and surveillance. He works as a Senior Technologist and Researcher at Amnesty International, he is an Adviser to the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, and a core member of The Honeynet Project. Nex also co-founded Security Without Borders. He created the open source malware analysis software Cuckoo Sandbox, Viper and runs the Malwr free service.

In recent years Nex devoted his attention especially to issues of privacy and surveillance and he published numerous articles on surveillance vendors such as FinFisher and HackingTeam with the Citizen Lab as well as on NSA/GCHQ and Five Eyes surveillance capabilities with The Intercept and Der Spiegel. Nex is also an opinion writer and columnist and some of his work has been published by Die Zeit, Slate, Deutsche Welle and Motherboard. He has also spoken to numerous conferences including BlackHat, Chaos Communication Congress, Re:publica and many more.

He has been selected among the 50 persons of the year 2014 by Wired Italy, he collected with the Citizen Lab the EFF Pioneer Award 2015, and he’s been selected by Forbes among the 30 Under 30 honorees for 2016.

Nex is also an artist, working with traditional media as well as with new and generative media art. Most of his work deals with privacy, surveillance, and the digitisation of modern society. Some of it has been exhibited and published in print in Berlin and London.

Keynote Slides